Yank Barry and the Business of Helping

It is just impressive that Yank Barry has been such an unqualified success in so many areas. Following almost three decades of success in the music business, he then became a successful entrepreneur, founding and successfully guiding Vitapro as a top executive. However, it was while traveling the world for business that Yank saw people living in the worst conditions imaginable. It was that realization that led him to his third successful career, as a first-class philanthropist.

Because he was so motivated to assist so many people the world had forgotten, Yank Barry has received three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. That should surprise no one. His Global Village Champions Foundation, an initiative to fight global hunger, has thus far provided more than one billion meals to hungry people at every corner of the world. Yank Barry‘s philanthropy is different than most others in his position, in that he doesn’t just donate money and let others do the hard work. Yank and his wife Yvette tend to work on the front lines. For example, for years, they have been helping to rescue refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran. Thousands of people in those areas now lead better lives thanks to Yank Berry. It is in his third career that, perhaps, Yank Barry has experienced his greatest success.