Philanthropist Yank Barry

During the Syrian and Bulgarian crisis, Yank Barry saved over 1218 people from refugee camps and provided them a new life in Sofia Refugee safe-house. He has also removed hundreds of refugees, families and individuals from war-stricken areas and provided them with a fresh start. Yank Barry has cooperated with the Refugees State Agency president and Bulgaria Council of Ministers to achieve incredible results. Currently, he is recognized as the “Jewish Schindler” due to his endless efforts of helping both Christian and Muslim refugees from extreme terror.

Yank Barry left his home for Israel Kibbutz. His passion for music made his relatives gift him with musical instruments. He used his musical talent for his financial support of Israel. For over 20 years Yank Barry’s life consists of missions geared at saving lives and making a difference around the world. He has continued providing aid to victims of different circumstances. His foundation together with Muhammad Ali helped victims and refugees of the Syrian war who escaped to Bulgaria. Currently, almost 1 billion meals have been supplied to the most innocent and helpless individuals around the globe.