On the Front Lines for Charity with Yank Barry

Yank BarrySurely, when he was in the midst of his nearly 30 year career in the music industry, Yank Barry probably didn’t imagine himself becoming an award-winning philanthropist later in life. And yet here is is. Among other awards, Yank Barry has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, so far. However, before that, early in his first career, he was a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and publisher and he wrote a number of advertising jingles for some of the most popular brands of all time.

Before he became a career philanthropist, however, he had a second career later on, as a successful food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, manufacturers of a dehydrated soy-based meat replacement product. As he was traveling the world for Vitapro, however, he saw a lot of suffering that he felt was unnecessary. That is what set the stage for his current career as a world-class philanthropist and a lot of awards. He started off in 1995, by establishing a global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation.
Yank Barry, his wife Yvette and numerous friends and philanthropic partners like Evander Holyfield, Michael Jordan and many others, turned the Foundation into a success. The initiative has thus far provided more than one billion meals to hungry people all over the world. Yank Barry has a different type of philanthropic style than most, in that he doesn’t just write a check, he and his wife actually do most of the work themselves. Recently, he has been focused on helping refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran, and he has helped thousands escape the violence caused by groups like ISIS. He provides them with whatever they need to rebuild their lives, including food, a home, medical supplies and anything else.